Kate Middleton’s whirlwind trip to the United States has resulted in one of our all-time favorite GIFs, a fitting moment for a Duchess confronted with New York attitude.

Wrapping gifts at the Northside Center For Child Development in Harlem on Monday, Kate was talking with onlookers when a volunteer told her to cut the chit-chat.

Hilariously and bluntly told to “keep wrapping,” Kate responded in kind:

Kate Middleton NYC GIF

Following her awesome side eye glance for the ages, the 32-year-old snapped to it on the double, resuming packaging up Christmas presents with the kids.

New York does not tolerate slackers. Even if they’re royals.

Alas, Catherine’s memorable trip to America is already over. The royals are back in London as of this morning, leaving us wanting more until next year perhaps.

At least between this, Kate being asked if she’s from Frozen, getting sweated on by LeBron and maybe even drinking champagne while pregnant, she made the most of it!

Gotta love the fact that in three short days, she showed she can hold her own and dish a little sass – she’s still regal, after all – right back at the New York crowd.

More photos of the Duke and Duchess in NYC below …

Kate Middleton and Prince William in NYC

Kate and Will attended an NYU fundraiser last night. As usual, they were both the picture of class.

If you know anything about Wendy Williams, then you know that the daytime host loves to stir up controversy by attacking beloved celebs for the enjoyment of her religiously devoted fans.

Back in October, Williams went off on Jennifer Lawrence. Last month, she attacked Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol.

Now, she’s set her sights on She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Dissed, and as usual, her audience is loving every second of it:

In case you somehow haven’t heard, rumors that Taylor made out with Karlie Kloss at a recent concert were all the rage this weekend.

Taylor has denied dating Karlie, which prompted Wendy to basically calling her a filthy liar in the clip above.

Wendy bizarrely claimed that Taylor is using Karlie to help her shed her “good girl image.”

It’s a pretty serious thing to accuse someone of using their best friend as a PR pawn, but what might be even worse is Wendy’s remark about Tay-Tay’s signature bangs:

“The problem with her is, she has soccer mom hair,” Wendy said of Taylor. “Everything is so controlled and so hairsprayed…More often than not, it’s very PTA.

Oh, no. She. Didn’t. We all know that bangs aren’t doing Taylor any favors, but it’s just not discussed. Hope Wendy enjoys being torn apart by rabid Taylor fans on Twitter for the next month.

Taylor Swift on the Catwalk

Sing it, Taylor Swift! Also: strut it, Taylor Swift! The artist performs here at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.