Today's celebrities in satin are....

Louisa Krause wearing a blue silk dress, Carmen Electra wearing a black silk dress, Olivia Houston wearing a green silk blouse, Thora Birch wearing a purple silk dress, Kaley Cuoco wearing a silk print jumpsuit, Claire Danes wearing a black silk dress, Sylvie Meis wearing a black silk robe, Zoe Bell wearing a silk print dress, Blac Chyna wearing an orange satin dress, Emmy Rossum wearing a navy silk dress, Holly Willoughby wearing a red silk dress, Vicky McClure wearing a grey satin dress, Maria Bello wearing a blue silk robe, Ellie Goulding wearing a black silk dress, Kim Sarah Brandts wearing a blue satin top, Amanda Steele wearing a silk print blouse, Hannah Bronfman wearing a white silk camisole, Chantelle Waters wearing a red silk dress, Tiffany Brouwer wearing a silk print dress.
Emmy Rossum in beige knit turtleneck sleeveless sweater smythe and black pants fashion red carpet november 2017

Emmy Rossum on the red carpet at The Light of the Moon in Los Angeles, November 2017

WHAT SHE WORE: Emmy wore beige chunky knit sleeveless turtleneck sweater from Smyhe, black pants and black velvet bag