Kate Middleton’s whirlwind trip to the United States has resulted in one of our all-time favorite GIFs, a fitting moment for a Duchess confronted with New York attitude.

Wrapping gifts at the Northside Center For Child Development in Harlem on Monday, Kate was talking with onlookers when a volunteer told her to cut the chit-chat.

Hilariously and bluntly told to “keep wrapping,” Kate responded in kind:

Kate Middleton NYC GIF

Following her awesome side eye glance for the ages, the 32-year-old snapped to it on the double, resuming packaging up Christmas presents with the kids.

New York does not tolerate slackers. Even if they’re royals.

Alas, Catherine’s memorable trip to America is already over. The royals are back in London as of this morning, leaving us wanting more until next year perhaps.

At least between this, Kate being asked if she’s from Frozen, getting sweated on by LeBron and maybe even drinking champagne while pregnant, she made the most of it!

Gotta love the fact that in three short days, she showed she can hold her own and dish a little sass – she’s still regal, after all – right back at the New York crowd.

More photos of the Duke and Duchess in NYC below …

Kate Middleton and Prince William in NYC

Kate and Will attended an NYU fundraiser last night. As usual, they were both the picture of class.

The Voice is down to just five singers, all of whom sang for their lives once again Monday night as Season 7 of the NBC competition enters its final stretch.

Only three spots remain on this evening’s results show. The pressure is on.

Did any of the aspiring singers – all of whom are male, three of whom are Adam Levine’s proteges, and none of whom are on Team Pharrell – stand out?

Conversely, should any be looking for a cheap ticket home on Priceline?

Let’s break down all of the performances from Monday night …

Chris Jamison - When I Was Your Man (The Voice Semifinals)

Chris Jamison takes his shot at the finals, singing Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man.”

The five remaining singers each performed twice Monday, and the resulting 10 songs featured the great, the pretty good, the bad and the beyond bad.

Tonight’s wild card show could change everything, but here’s how we rank the top five heading into final The Voice results show before the finals …

1. Chris Jamison. His cover of Bruno Mars’ hit “When I Was Your Man” was up there with the very best covers the show has ever produced (seriously).

His take on “Sugar,” by none other than his coach Adam Levine, would have been raved about more with that falsetto had it not been for his Bruno cover.

2. Matt McAndrew. Watching him sing “Make it Rain” by Ed Sheeran made us think of tonight’s Sons of Anarchy finale spoiler, but that’s not his fault.

It was a terrific performance on merit, and his rendition of “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” was very solid as well, if not totally spectacular.

3. Damien. Blake called his performance of “She’s Out of My Life” the best he’s ever seen on the show. Blake says this 4-5 times a season, but still.

He was that good. On “I Don’t Want To Wait,” he wasn’t quite as good, but the arrangement helped him and he could verl well squeeze into the finals.

4. Craig Wayne Boyd. The country crooner took us to church, sorta, with a gospel-themed spin on “The Old Rugged Cross” that felt a bit out  of place.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good though. Ditto his take on “Workin’ Man Blues.” He knows who he is, that’s for sure. But will that get him the votes?

5. Taylor John Williams. Covering his namesake’s “Blank Space” just did not get it done, despite that song being THE song in the land right now.

His rendition of “Falling Slowly” wasn’t much better. In the end, a couple of fun song picks didn’t mean Taylor was great at singing either one. Farewell?

What do you think? Are Matt and Chris locks for the top three? Is Taylor definitely going home? That’s what we’d predict, but it’s always so … unpredictable.

Share your comments on The Voice Top 5 below!