Today's celebrities in satin are..

Michelle Trachtenberg wearing a black silk dress, Verona Pooth wearing black satin pyjamas, Alia Shawkat wearing a silk print camisole, Sarah Bolger wearing a purple silk dress, Taylor Swift wearing a jade satin skirt, Debra Messing wearing a white satin wedding dress, Jennifer Metcalfe wearing wearing brown silk pants, Susanna Reid wearing a red silk dress, Faye Brooks wearing a beige silk skirt, Amy Walsh wearing a silver pleated silk skirt, Georgia Kousoulou wearing a blue satin dress, Nastassja Kinski wearing an ivory silk dress.

Today's celebrities in satin are...

Michelle Trachtenberg wearing a silk print camisole, Scarlett Johansson wearing a black satin dress,  Ludivine Sagnier wearing a satin print skirt, Claire Danes wearing a cream silk dress, Alexis Bledel wearing a black satin top, Sarah Bolger wearing a maroon satin dress, Kelly Rutherford wearing a beige silk dress, Taylor Swift wearing a turquoise silk skirt, Ashley Tisdale wearing a cream silk top, Tuppence Middleton wearing a blue silk gown, Debra Messing wearing a white silk camisole.

Taylor Swift in green duffel hunter coat and skinny jeans what she wore streetstyle

WHO: Taylor Swift in New York on November 23 2016

WHAT SHE WORE: Taylor wore green duffle coat from Hunter, skinny jeans, black Stella McCartney bag and brown ankle boots