Kim kardashian in velvet jacket, black red stripe sweatpants yeezy with oversized sunglasses rick owens what she wore

WHO: Kim Kardashian at LAX airport on January 11 2017

WHAT SHE WORE: Kim wore velvet red stripe jacket, black red stripe sweatpants from Adidas Yeezy, black lace up Yeezy boots, large Rick Owens sunglasses and black Hermes tote


Kylie Jenner in sheer white bodysuit, grey sweatpants adidas hermes birkin yellow what she wore 2017

WHO: Kylie Jenner on a private jet on January 2 2017

WHAT SHE WORE: Kylie wore sheer bodysuit from Laina Rauma, grey striped sweatpants from Adidas, black sneakers from Revenge and yellow Hermes tote


Kendall Jenner in white sweatpants on a giant pink flamingo snapchat november 2 2016

WHO: Kendall Jenner on November 2 2016 Snapchat

WHAT SHE WORE: Kendall is wearing white top, white sweatpants from Shadow Hill and she is sitting on a pink inflatable flamingo