Bella Hadid in blue track suit, white sneakers and red sunglasses andy wolf ojala london fashion week september 2017

Bella Hadid in London during London Fashion Week on September 18 2017

WHAT SHE WORE: Bella wore blue track suit, white high top Nike sneakers and red Andy Wolf sunglasses


Kendall Jenner in black printed sweatshirt and white wide leg pants new york fashion week 2017 september

Kendall Jenner in New York City on September 10 2017

WHAT SHE WORE: Kendall wore black printed sweatshirt from Filles A Papa, white side stripe wide-leg pants from  Maggie Marilyn and white Adidas sneakers


Sofia Richie with Scott Disick in white lover print sweatshirt september 13 2017 fashion

Sofia Richie with Scott Disick on September 13 2017

WHAT SHE WORE: Sofia wore white Lover print sweatshirt from Bianca Chandon, high rise jeans, bright blue sneakers from Giuseppe Zanotti and brown logo backpack from Louis Vuitton