Kylie Jenner in blue striped oversized shirt on Instagram october 9 2017 baby bump

Kylie Jenner on October 9 2017, Instagram

WHAT SHE WORE: Kylie wore blue pinstripe oversized shirt from Maison Margiela and Louis Vuittson backpack


Kylie Jenner in pink blush bikini minimale animale instagram august 2017 what she wore

WHO: Kylie Jenner sunbathing on August 9 2017, Instagram

WHAT SHE WORE: Kylie wore pink blush triangle bikini from Minimale Animale


Kylie Jenner in grey striped mini dress bec and bridge icebergs and silver sandals stuart weitzman what she wore april 2017

WHO: Kylie Jenner on the red carpet at The Sugar Factory in Las Vegas on April 22 2017

WHAT SHE WORE: Kylie wore grey striped mini dress from Bec & Bridge and silver Stuart Weitzman sandals