Alessandra Ambrosio in white bikini ellejay yacht ibiza july 11 2017 what she wore beach model

WHO: Alessandra Ambrosio on a yacht in Ibiza on July 11 2017

WHAT SHE WORE: Alessandra wore white bikini from Ellejay


Alessandra Ambrosio in red floral print bikini spell babushka what she wore july 1 2017 vacation beach style

WHO: Alessandra Ambrosio enjoying her vacation in Mykonos, Green on July 1 2017

WHAT SHE WORE: Alessandra wore two piece red and pink floral print bikini from Spell


Alessandra Ambrosio in denim mini dress paige winnie what she wore june 17 2017

WHO: Alessandra Ambrosio in Santa Monica on June 17 2017

WHAT SHE WORE: Alessandra wore blue denim mini dress from Paige and Soludos braided leather sandals

DRESS: PAIGE WINNIE DENIM DRESS at Zappos at Nordstrom at Spring at Paige Denim at Bloomingdale's